Is the Mercedes seat a done deal.

With reports coming out that Wehrlein is now a Sauber driver. That must mean that Wolf’s negotiations with the Sauber team have restarted and come to a conclusion. Probably not successfully from Pascal’s point of view as he must have thought he had a good chance of that top berth.

What does this mean, after Bottas’ visit to the Mercedes base, presumably for a seat fitting, is he the man ? Getting a second chance to prove his abilities after a largely lack lustre 2016. Though that may be more to do with the car and the lack of competitive pressure from his team mate than anything else.

Where does this leave Williams with an ageing, “un-competitive” driver if Massa steps back into his seat and an untested rookie. Is the deal for engines (possibly sweetened by the early joining of Lowe) and the money from Stroll work the risk of sliding even further down the grid. These things must have occupied Claire and Frank’s minds over the holiday period especially with McLaren showing signs of re-emerging, though that may be a different story with the machinations going on there. Maybe Frank and Claire know something about Lance that we don’t, they after all have a lot of data to peruse.

With all the changes in 2017 and Nico Rosberg’s bomb shell there are probably some crazy betting odds out there. Enjoy the 2017 season fans, it could be a banger.


Author: musingsonplaces

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