The Headphone Thing

I have always enjoyed my music and sound quality has been important, my music tastes cross a wide range so everything from a chest vibrating bass to the crystal clear highs needed for an alto voice need to be reproduced when I am listening intently and relaxing at home.

Headphones have always been a neglected way of listening to the radio or using music to block surrounding noise using my phone or mp3 player while out and about. I have always tended to go for the cheaper end of the market believing that these in ear and over ear phones could never accurately reproduce the music I enjoyed. Believing this I could never justify spending much on these and mocking those that spent ludicrous amounts of money on something that was totally flawed, viewing the expensive sets as nothing more than jewellery.

Now my life has changed, living in a high density city where my preferred volume levels would cause neighbourly disputes plus I no longer have the space for a proper hi-fi setup that can offer the fidelity I want and enjoy. I had resigned myself to listening to my music at a reduced quality level using headphones of some type and have been suffering this but finding less and less enjoyment.

Then a combination of a shop discount and some gift vouchers I was in the position to try some more expensive headphones for virtually nothing. So I did a little research and found a few online reviews of a particular set of reasonably priced phones offered outstanding sound for the price. Now these were well above a figure I would consider spending but substantially below what most audiophiles appear to spend and being compared to these, outrageously in my mind, high priced items.

So as there was little financial commitment from me I decided to give them a go and ordered them.

In my hand a little while later I had a pair of Skullcandys headphones going by the name of “grind”. Looking quite stylish and they seemed to be well made but seemed far to light for any bass, I thought oh well at least they look comfortable and I am not going to be embarrassed if anyone sees me in them. I have joined the fashion victims.

Well I plugged them in and chose a George Ezra album to start my listening, not expecting anything more than my usual experience, flubby bass lines and muddy detail. I was amazed from the first note, there was a nice controlled bass without the detail being washed out. It was a real epiphany, surely this was not possible. Okay let’s not be silly in no way does it compare to a full properly balanced set of speakers with a matched amp but this was not what I expected. It’s fair to say I was impressed and rapidly cycled through a huge range of my favourites from Freddie Mercury’s soaring voice, Maroon 5’s “Daylight”, Nina Simone, Adele (as you do), a few Chopin piano pieces and “The Planet Suite” from Holst. I was excited, this was well above expectation and I was enjoying the music hugely. So some further research on reviews of this set of headphones confirmed that most reviewers felt they were an outstanding purchase.

So congratulations Skullcandy these are really great, I through a series of lucky coincidences got headphones that impressed and charmed me. I suspect that if I had chosen randomly in this price range I would still hold the same impression and be missing out on the beauty of my music, but no longer. I am thinking that if these headphones sound this enjoyable then maybe I should invest a bit more money on a better set and see how much better the experience can be.


Author: musingsonplaces

Old, Experienced in life and living life for more Experience.

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